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Historic house for event

Ancient Medici villa in the heart of Tuscany

The whole hill belonged to the Buondelmonti who built in the most opportune places to the defense their castles and villas, that still remain witnesses of their wealth. Among the villas there was also the one called Mocale, that in the passing of time it has more than once changed its name. In ancient times it was said “Le caselle”, later “La collina” later the “villa di Pitigliuolo” then again “La collina” or “Il mocale”.

In 1427 it belonged the sons of Messer Andrea Buondelmonti, towards the middle of the century passed to Rinaldo di Ballerino who left part of the possession to his wife and partly donated to Lorenzo De Medici with the agreement to have an annual office in the church of Carmine in Florence. Once the Medici were driven out, these assets were purchased by Bernardo and other Nasi and by Pagolantonio by Vittorio Soderini; but the Duke Alessandro, having become lord of Florence thanks to the arms of the church and the empire, returned to the power of these possessions which were aggregated to the farm of Montepaldi.

With the passing of time, the Gianfigliazzi family, one of the oldest owners of villas and farms in the Val di Pesa, partly by means of inheritance, part of purchases, added to the villa of the Mocale or the Collina other nearby assets that were already of the Canigiani, Buondelmonti and others, forming one of the largest and richest farms in the area.

Why chose villa mocale

Comfort e relax in Tuscany hills

Beautiful rooms to use as Weddings, congresses and meetings

Lounge that can accommodate up to 180 people

A medieval court and a panoramic terrace overlooking the Chianti area

Suggestive places like the old stone mill

Un giardino all’italiana con fontana al centro circondata da fiori

In the evening the villa lights up creating a magical atmosphere

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